About Us

With over 15 years of experience in local and global production, Mahir Altundağ and Onur Çakır have combined their expertise in project implementation for independent studios, advertising agencies and other film production companies and have founded Maça Film, which provides a full spectrum of production services.


Now, as Maça Film, we use our creativity, experience and resources to produce local films at global standards. We aim to contribute Turkey to expand its presence in the international scene.


Local Team Organization
We build local teams with experienced names who are able to speak at least one foreign language ​​and have proven their place in the field. We like to stay local at global level with crews we have in different countries.
We plan your budget calculating risks, opportunities and variables simultaneously with years of international experience.
Permits and Paperwork
We support you in all processes that require permission from any public authorities, such as obtaining visas, filming permits, and prevent any interruption to shooting schedule.
Location Spotting
If our location record is missing the right spots for your production, we conduct a new field research for the perfect location and spaces.
Technical Equipment and Facilities
Taking advantage of our influential connections, we prepare a complete and world-class set without skipping the smallest details that matter for any shooting.
We help you find the right talents for your production with our portfolio of leads and extras from different ethnic backgrounds, ages and genders.
We partner up with Turkish ministries and produce visionary projects which have the potential to attract new investments to our country and represent.